Himisphere’s Drops New Hit Single “VULTURE”

Himisphere released his new single “VULTURE,” produced by Leboss, and fans over the world love it! The hip-hop artist has gained quite a following through his songs and has over fifteen thousand followers on Spotify, including almost ten thousand monthly listeners. The artist rose to fame with his single called “Ballin’” with June B and has been on fire since then.

What makes him shine in the crowd is his diverse sound design over the beat. His use of vocal harmonies is fairly noticeable and catchy. He pays attention to detail in his music, which is usually underestimated. The artist plays well with beats, and the intelligent use of synth bass to build up to the hook of a song is what stands out about him. His songs are quite diverse, with the rap and vocals ranging from mumble to RnB.

The way he has modulated his vocals in his new single “Vulture” come to show the heights that the artist can achieve. The beats of this sin