Hip-Hop Artist Cali Papi Releases Brand New Single On Spotify

Cali Papi is an independent and unsigned artist from California who has recently been making a lot of headlines with his music, and rightfully so. Cali Papi is truly a hip-hop artist and lyricist on the rise.

The recent release of his lead single “#SaddleUp” has brought us to asking about Cali Papi, his music, his journey and his destiny.

About Cali Papi: Cali Papi is an independent Hip-Hop artist from California in the United States who thrives on making music on his own terms with raw talent and effort alone. This musical journey started in 2013 when he formed his recording label.

Born and raised in California, Cali Papi has been affiliated with music since 2006 when he first installed a production program on his personal computer. From creating beats to writing hoo