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Hip-Hop Artist Drippy London Discusses The Unique And Personal Inspiration Behind His Music

By Amanda Robinson - Drippy London (formerly known as Drippy Heartbreak) is a hip-hop artist who has a unique and very personal philosophy behind his music. His latest album Freeist Banz is adored by fans on digital channels like Apple Music and YouTube, with everyone finding something relatable in his music.

He sat down to answer a few questions about his work.

What’s your background before entering the music scene?

Before entering the music scene, I was pretty much a sophomore in high school. There wasn’t really much to do so we made fun out of what we had at the time and at that time, making money was the most exciting thing for me to do. So yeah, I had my ups and downs, and my experiences shapes who I am and what I write music about.

How did you discover you wanted to be a hip hop artist?

Well for one, a lot of the tendencies I had always came from the music I listened to and at the time I decided to start making music, I was listening to a lot of Lil Uzi Vert, Playboy Carti, Future and Young Thug. I honestly can say those guys are the reason I even started to make music, because I always sat in my room and thought to myself, “I can make music like this too if I got in the studio.” On top of that, I was already mimicking the stuff they rapped about in my lifestyle, so why not put my own spin on it?

Why the name change from Heartbreak to London?

Okay, so Drippy Heartbreak was born not too long ago. The alter ego Drippy Heartbreak was a product of learning how to deal with shit. I got to drip thru everything. Heartbroken? Drip through it. Angry? Drip it off. Depressed? Pour up some drip. The drip is always the key to any lock-in MY life only. Now let me explain the Drippy London effect. Drippy London is a product of me being at the center of my own spirit. London is the capital and financial center of its country. In other words, I am the drippy capital. I am at the center of myself. I am the center of my world. In my world, everything revolves around me. So, when I combined learning how to deal with stress and being at one with myself, it crafted me into The Drippy London persona.

Can you describe your style of hip hop?

My music contains melodies inspired by my own moods and expressions. Moods and expressions carry energy which is what can make a person relate to a song.

Which artists are you compared to most often?

Young thug. Lil Uzi. Playboy Carti. Travis Scott. Pierre Bourne. Personally, I don’t think I sound like any of those guys, that’s like saying Trippie Red and Lil Uzi sound the same.

Do you produce the beats yourself?


What was it like to collaborate with Bansellamar?

This collaboration is never an ordinary collaboration. People fail to realize that Bansellamar and I are brothers, which makes the creative process easier and 10x lit depending on the song. It’s kinda funny you ask that question because we honestly used to record the majority of our old songs on the iOS version of Garage Band in our car back in the day and throw them on SoundCloud. Nowadays we just lock-in and its always a vibe.

How long did it take to record your recent album?

It took about two months because the songs were all recorded within two weeks, but the mixing and mastering are what took the most time.

What is your favorite track?

My favorite track from my recent album has to be “Blondie.” Blondie is a night song. I feel like Batman when I play it in my coupe.

Any new music?

I’m always working on new music. Me personally I want to drop like two more albums this year but that probably won’t happen. I’ll probably flood the block with some singles. We will see.

Listing to his music:

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