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Hip-Hop Sensation Jr. Rhodes Set to Release “Project Paradise” December 11th - #HHOE

Listen to the latest EP by the new sensation.

Jr. Rhodes is an up-and-coming hip-hop artist emerging in the field of music and is getting a lot of attention in his home country of Canada. This artist has specialized in creating music that exemplifies boom-bap, alternative hip-hop, rap, and jazz hip-hop genres.

This wide variety of tastes is evident in his latest EP titled “Project Paradise,” which aims to balance the darker themes present in the music and is set to be released on December 11th. This series of songs attempt to mix jazz and boom-bap, which makes it unique and enjoyable for listeners. This experimental mix of genres is precisely what makes this EP worth a listen.

Project Paradise was devised with the intention of creating an interesting blend of hip-hop, jazz, and boom-bap. The numerous fans of these genres will thoroughly enjoy the EP and, by extension, the single titled “Jazz Nights II,” which has gained significant popularity. This single is in a reflective tone adopted by the artist.

“Jazz Night II” is a testament to the artist, Jr. Rhodes, and his recollection of the pleasant moments in his life. This includes his time with his friends and the enjoyment he felt at parties with the people that he cared for the most.

The beauty of Jr. Rhodes music is that it is a result of his experimentation and his constant urge to play around with music. This usually results in extremely unique as well as catchy tracks, as is evident in his latest EP. Most of his lyrics dictate personal experiences that are extended to the lives of individuals as well. These can be uplifting and enjoyable to listen to. Jr Rhodes also collaborates with other artists to increase the variety of his music. His growing popularity in Canada is due to his impeccable hip-hop tracks that are out of the ordinary. Due to the experimental nature of his songs, they are often received positively by the public.

About Jr. Rhodes is an upcoming hip-hop artist from Canada who has been in the music industry for a significant period. His latest EP is an experimental one as he has attempted to merge the two genres of jazz and hip-hop into his tracks. This is perfect for all the listeners looking for a fresh outlook on the genre.

Check out his music at if you are a fan of hip-hop.

Media Contact Company Name: JR. Rhodes Contact Person: Brandon D’souza Email: Send Email Phone: 780-885-0340 Country: United States Website:

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