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Hip Hops Hybrid 1090Kapo No Gimmicks All Authentic - #HHOE

Newark New Jersey — Sunday, December 27th, 2020 —

1090kapo the best rapper to come out of south side queens since 50cent. Music is out now on all platforms his hit single ft battle rap legend k-shine Sukkafree and hit new single ixey also both music videos on YouTube. I’m really I’m the voice of the streets the ghetto I’m come from the bottom join me on my way to the top.1090kapo song young king dedicated to his 2 year old son shows he can do more then just gangsta rap shows versatility

1090kapo future is bright day and night In The studio constantly working getting better with every song we all should be very excited to follow his journey on the road to becoming a hip hop legend

This first track on his Lp Hybrid no body is a clear statement that he is here to stay


Marquis morin aka 1090kapo always had to face adversity in a drug and gang infested neighborhood witch pushed him to make the music he makes today he truly lives what he raps about

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