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HOMIE G Receives Overwhelming Response from His Fans with His Addictive Rap in New Song

British Columbia hiphop artist HOMIE G sets the bar higher for other artists with his terrific rap prowess and interesting wordplay in the song ‘I Appreciate You’.

Surrey, Aug 10, 2020 ( – The number of top-quality projects in the hip-hop genre has been declining for a very long time, but the graph seems to be elevating again with rapper HOMIE G making a stylish entry with his signature style of rap. The British Columbia hiphop artist nurtures a boom-bap sound that scratches an irremovable mark on the listener’s mind since the very first listen. With his classic hip-hop style and engulfing vocal power, the rap artist has brilliantly shaped his career after delivering a series of delightful hits. The beats are fresh and the artist’s effortless flow matches up to the set expectations of the audience.  

On his latest hip-hop project ‘I Appreciate You’, the rapper outdid himself to present an upbeat rap performance that proves his exclusivity and bold nature. With an unapologetic swag and a well-sharpened rap voice, the artist goes to a far extent to tap the attention of today’s hip-hop crowd. The flow of the engaging instrumentals and the straightforward delivery by the artist gives the song something distinctive to cherish. His voice sounds hazy but effective which perfectly matches the strange intriguing atmosphere of the soundscape. The song is guided by distinctive beats and the rapper performs spaciously by featuring his addictive flow. Grinding with his honest creative talent, the artist attempts to create a sound that would easily connect with the crowd and this song quite easily fits the mainstream hip-hop scene.

Built under the label A1INNERTAINMENT, ‘I Appreciate You is a brief presentation of the unbound potential of the artist who has contributed significant sonic elements to introduce his unique sense of individuality. HOMIE G works with the best of his caliber to perform in a versatile manner and has stitched the song with words that speak of his refreshing writing style. Listen to the hit production on Soundcloud and follow him on Facebook and Instagram for details.

Visit here listen to this song of HOMIE G:

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