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Houston Rapper Skrippy Skrap Celebrates the Legacy of the Legend DJ Screw On New EP

Rap star Skrippy Skrap is bringing the noise from the Lone Star state with his latest release. “Screwstonian” is a homage to the singer’s hometown and to DJ Screw.

“Screwstonian” is the first release of the artist’s after signing to a major independent platform. The hardcore beats showcase the talented rapping style of Skrippy Skrap. The EP celebrates the legacy of the legend DJ Screw as well as the city of Houston. Rap fans will need to add this to their playlist immediately.

Skrippy Skrap grew up with two rapper parents, which helped him grow his passion for music at a young age. The artist performed his first show at six years old. Since then, he has written songs for himself and other artists. Skrippy Skrap’s dream is to found his own label and showcase new rap talent to the entire world.

For more music by Skrippy Skrap, please visit:

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Sep 23, 2023

keep going $krippy $krap

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