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In An Exhilarating March Release: jac0lbe Strives For A New Benchmark With Latest Single

Through the language of Hip Hop and Rap, the artist’s radical and endless artistry continually sweeps the floor for the listener

Lubbock, Texas — February 7 2022 – jac0lbe appeal rests within the truth and purpose he wears on his sleeve like a badge of honor. The reverence jac0lbe pays to his struggles and purpose brings him into the limelight of rap and hip hop and placed higher when compared to his contemporaries.

As an artist, jac0lbe likes to modernize rap, hit bars better with time and switch up melodies into memory punching lines. The artist is known to exercise the art of practicing until the artistry he possesses exhausts into timeless perfection. Molding into such perfections, latest single ‘Jeepers creepers’ commits to drawing out the most concise, sharp witted and varied vocal delivery from jac0lbe to date.

The song seamlessly eases into rhythms of the first couple of unpredictable verses, making room for the elegant and deluxe production to sink in with jac0lbe’s voice then taking the limelight it deserves.

The artist’s voice is the driving vehicle warranting the song to be put on replay. It’s prowess continually proves to be the most powerful instrument at the artist’s disposal. The delivery on the record is clearly more distinct and malleable than jac0lbe would otherwise be acknowledged for.

Thankfully, the production is just as bouncy to add to the theatrics created by the artist’s vocals – making the song a perfect fit in all its elements.

Visit jac0lbe’s channel to check out, download, and buy his music. Follow the artiston social media to keep track of new releases, and feel free to contact through email for interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations.


The cover story for this artist is not riddled within a simple sequence following ample amounts of support, record labels, and then the inevitable induction into the mainstream soundscape. Rather, it is entrenched within disbelief, absent support and often, a loss in direction.

It is usual for dreams to turn to dust, but it is artists like jac0lbe wanting to become the wind and resist all the barriers halting them from becoming the force that could potentially reckon the music industry.

With barely any support, the self-made artist began his journey from scratch.

jac0lbe never needed an epiphany to bring his passion for music and superstardom to the limelight of his own mind. It had always been a constant, recurring acknowledgement lingering within his conscience. He knew he had to act on it sooner or later.

Not surprisingly, the ambitious artist soon funneled his inspirations from rap and hip hop to derive the boldness that gives his music purpose today.


Jac0lbe Name: Jacolbe Gordon Email:


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