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Indie Rap Artist Brodie Smooth Hits It Big With ELEGIDO, The Hottest Album in Atlanta

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Riding high on the success of his first album, Rap, and HipHop Indie Music artiste, Brodie Smooth released a second new album ELEGIDO in July 2020. Hearing Brodie say ELEGIDO is the hottest new album out in ATL right now is no exaggeration especially when you listen to the latest Luh Thug, one of the album’s hit singles trending on all social media, music platforms, and YouTube. Brodie’s signature style of Rap, and hip hop gets across in clear crisp lyrics making it an entertaining number with a sleek video to match.

ELEGIDO is definitely Brodie coming of age as a HipHop rapper of contention. The album has been an instant hit soon after release and has been playing to rave reviews on US radio stations dedicated to HipHop and Rap. The compilation of six songs are as cool as Brodie’s demeanor which really gets to a fan when watching the music videos on YouTube.  While Brodie belts out every number with a voice akin to pop, hip-hop, and electronic mix, it is Luh Thug stealing the show on both YouTube and Instagram. The number has already chalked up more than 42,000 likes on Insta and counting. 

Brodie Smooth grew up in Atlanta and graduated out of Newberry High School in 2012. He says his role model has always been his father but his passion for music especially hip Hop and Rap has been inspired by Lil Wayne and Jcole. The young hip-hop artist with an infectious smile has found his musical journey to be a stressful one but the challenge has motivated him further to strive on. 

Brodie’s passion led to setting up of his own recording label with the name Money Craving Ent. Now as a popular Independent artist trending on Instagram, the spotlight was on Brodie to be declared Indie Artiste of the month. Brodie is now a verified artist on Spotify where most of his numbers are available including his latest album ELEGIDO.

When Brodie Smooth isn’t singing, he likes driving his Mclaren, playing Basketball, Travelling, and Sky Diving. The Indie artiste is also a mentor whose mantra for success is always his own experience that has brought him to what he is because of his hard work and dedication. It is this formula and his musical talent that has achieved success with ELEGIDO.

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