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Infusing Rhythmic Hip Hop with Fast Paced Lyricism – Rising Talent Bis Shuttlesworth is Set To Amaze

Bis Shuttlesworth is the newest unsigned indie artist on the rise in the music industry today, and his discography is the perfect resume.

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, April 10, 2022 - Dominick Jarrius Williams, popularly known as Bis Shuttlesworth is a rising star with a love for music so intense that it is the one thing that stayed consistent for him even during the darkest of days. Taking upon the name Bis Shuttlesworth because it is the name that stuck by him throughout his childhood, the artist channels a passion for Hip Hop and Rap.

These experiences drove him to rely on music as his main coping mechanism, but the artist also wanted to inspire people the way his icons had inspired him. From an early age, Williams started dreaming of becoming a musician, and soon got absorbed into the world of hip hop and rap.

After a few years of struggle Williams, now referred to as Shuttlesworth, got his first big break in 2009 along with a local band “Group Zone 16” when they released their first album ‘Real Hard Vol.1’. He continued writing daily from 2011 to 2012 he collaborated often with the group E.S.G (Empire Shell Gang) on 4 studio projects G.T.A 2, G.T.A 3, MiTunez, & Murda By Pen. He worked with Zone 16 Founder/Artist Gu$to Grove again in 2012 and released a double-disc project called “Double jeopardy’. Bis continued to work with several local and regional artists and was finally able to release a solo project “Thought Pool” in June 2013.

This album helped spike his popularity and he got some record deals from record companies but Bis was more successful when he had the liberty to dictate his own creative expression. Consequently, he released his second solo album “Thought Pool 2” in 2016. Bis also played a crucial role in empowering ghetto voices through his music project “Tales from the Hood” where he worked with other black artists.

Personal tragedy followed Bis Shuttlesworth when he got into a lethal car accident but his relentless spirit persevered. The injuries he suffered did force him into a hiatus but the motto of his life was to remain persistent. This mindset was also reflected in his song, “I Will Prevail” and that is what he chose to do. Now Bis plans on making a comeback to the world of hip hop with a brand-new album and a brand-new message for his audience.

His latest project is dropping in the Summer of 2022, with fresh singles on the way, scheduled to be released in Spring 2022.

Go to to check out his diverse discography and feel free to email the artist for interviews and collaborations. Buy his music, and follow the artist on the social media handles provided!


Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Dominick Williams grew up with a lot of unanswered questions in his life. He was a curious child and the music of his icons such as Eminem, DMX or even Bone Thugs n Harmony, not only got him through the rougher parts of his childhood but also left him with more and more unanswered questions


Bis Shuttlesworth has gone on to become one of the most inspirational and groovy hip hop artists out in the industry today. His discography oozes potential and promise, and he will undoubtedly deliver one of the most dazzling careers of his generation.

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