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J-Easy and Understanding His Mental War.

J-Easy’s 2020 debut album “Mental War” is a deep dive into the rapper’s mind that blows any haters out of the battlefield with some lyrical Napalm. With killer beat selections and pure talent for writing lyrics straight from the heart, Justin manages to captivate with his wordplay and his lyrics on the deeper, darker cuts on this project.

There’s a great combination of rapid-fire flows (“The End” & “Hit the Ground Running”) and lyrics that can cut into your heart like a bayonet (“Talking to God”). There’s also an interlude (“Why I’m Here”) that is very sobering to hear, and just shows the brute strength Justin possesses to break down the barricades and share his stories with the world.

The handful of features on this album have great chemistry with Justin and they add a nice flair to their respective verses.

Mental War really digs deep into Justin’s mind and see what goes on. Justin explains it as his outlet for the issues that he has going on and without music, he would be nothing.

This is a fantastic debut album from a man that obviously cares about his craft! This isn’t your everyday million-dollar overproduced rap album, churned out by labels to appeal to chart success.. This is real music, from the heart and soul of a soldier, and as the dust settles, he should be proud of the battles he’s overcome.


J-Easy born and raised in Columbus, GA has always had a passion for music. From singing in his living room as a little boy to rapping on stages making his dreams turn into reality. He’s doing what he loves!


J-Easy J-Easy

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