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JINZ Returns With New Uplifting Single ‘Ballin’

Returning to claim his rightful crown, JINZ shares his new uplifting single, ‘Ballin’.

Following what’s already been a successful run for the multi-talented artist, ‘Ballin’ is an unapologetic song that encourages his listeners to believe in themselves and give themselves the props they deserve.

“This song is about unapologetically flexing and telling people who you are, giving yourself the respect you deserve and ultimately Ballin,’”

“I could argue that the song is 99% ego-driven, but then again, sometimes we really do need to feel full of ourselves and give ourselves a pat on the back for how far we have come. That's my standpoint as far as the verses go. The hooks are uplifting and potentially offer relief to the attitude in the raps coming more from a place of pure bliss. Anyway, in the spirit of the song, I'm going to say myself It's a banger!”

The contrast in sounds, styles, and vision is vast and refreshing within the single. With influences of Machine Gun Kelly, which is showcased with JINZ's rapid delivery, proves just how authentic the artist truly is.

His previous release ‘Too High’ and ‘Ballin’, will be featured on his upcoming self-titled album release ‘JINZ,’ slated for release next year.

Born in the UK, JINZ’s music is full of juicy sounds and grooves that have you nodding your head along from beginning to end. Seamlessly evoking nostalgia with a modern twist.

The rapper has gone on to support the likes of X-Zibit, GZA, Pharoe Monch, The Four Owls, and Ocean Wisdom. Massing over 2.5 million streams with his music with every release JINZ continues to grow with his most honest, musical, and visionary work to date.

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