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JUNO Award Winner Errol Starr and TRIBZ Release Self-Titled Album Blending of R&B, Blues, Reggae, Pop, and Rock

Errol Starr and TRIBZ are thrilled to announce the release of their new self-titled album alongside the highly anticipated single "Paradise." This release marks a significant milestone in their music careers, as it is the first from the group since their formation in 2021.


Errol Starr and TRIBZ's latest project is not just an album; it's an immersive experience that masterfully blends R&B, Blues, Reggae, Pop, and Rock music. This unique fusion of genres promises to captivate both fans and new listeners, offering a diverse sound that has something for every audience.


"Paradise," was written by the group's guitarist, Earl Johnson. The reggae feel of the record is the perfect accompaniment to lyrics that paint a picture of paradise in Bermuda, where he spent his honeymoon:


"Girl, it's just you and I - Walking hand in hand

Sunny Skies above and Footprints in the sand

Where we fell in Love - on this Island Beach

Making Love till night - to the sounds of the Sea."


Johnson says, "I'm sure many couples can relate to the lyrics about trying to go back and recapture a past love or romance and try it once again."


The creation of this virtual album is a testament to the incredible collaborative process between Errol Starr and TRIBZ. Their shared vision and dedication to producing unique and innovative music shines through on every track as they effortlessly sail through different genres of music. This project exemplifies their commitment to pushing the limits of what is possible in music, blending artistry with passion to create something extraordinary.


Errol Starr and TRIBZ became a musical ensemble in 2021 when Earl Johnson reached out to Juno Award winner Errol Starr to add his exceptional vocal styling to the group. An adopted member of the ASMIN Metis, Starr delivers on every track with his bluesy reggae-inspired vocals. Johnson, who made the call, is a member of the Six Nations Tuscarora tribe and has shared the stage with legends such as AC/DC, Boston, and Black Sabbath. Dave Davidson keeps the beat in the percussion section. He has roots in rock, funk, and blues and has traveled the world with the Keltic rock band The American Rogues. Rounding out the group is bassist Donny Hill. He's a member of the Six Nations Mohawk tribe and has shared the stage with Big Sugar, Blue Rodeo, and the cast of "RUMBLE. Indians Who Rocked the World."


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