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King Bliss and Ras Kass Collab on New Single 'Pastels': A Must-Listen Track

Toronto-based hip-hop artist, King Bliss has released his latest single "Pastels" from his upcoming project "Golgo 19". Inspired by old-school Japanese hip-hop and soul music, “Pastels” is a juxtaposition of Bliss’s captivating storytelling through his raspy delivery on soft anthemic instrumentals. Each bar masterfully delivered to his audience in an all you can listen lyrical buffet. The single is anchored by the legendary emcee Ras Kass, of the hip-hop supergroup THE HRSMN, who hits the track with his legendary delivery. These two wordsmiths aim to take fans on a psychedelic musical odyssey and get introduced to the world of Golgo-19.

Bliss's upcoming project, "Golgo 19," boasts an impressive lineup, including features from Ras Kass, Estee Nack, Mark 4ord, Asun Eastwood, Zagnif Nori, and J Scienide. Stay tuned for updates on the roll out of King Bliss's "Golgo 19.". "Pastels" is now available on all major streaming platforms.

Listen / Stream / Download HERE: Previous Singles: King Bliss - Jody Watley [Released: 10.27.23]

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