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Kurt Solid & Bronze Nazareth Drops Their Latest Visual "Stripes" ft. Salute Da Kidd

From Bronze Nazareth and Kurt Solid critically acclaimed album [The Process] we give you "Stripes"

"Stripes" is an electrifying anthem that ignites the airwaves with its fiery energy, courtesy of the remarkable collaboration between Detroit's Kurt Solid and Bronze Nazareth, featuring the triumphant return of Salute Da Kidd.

With pulsating beats, razor-sharp lyricism, and an unapologetic swagger, this scorching track encapsulates the essence of resilience and the high level bars Black Day artists are known for. Salute Da Kidd's hook adds an extra layer of raw authenticity, making "Stripes" an instant classic.

This banger leaves an indelible mark that demands attention and respect. A remarkable song from a remarkable album.

Bronze Nazareth & Kurt Solid ft. Salute Da Kidd "Stripes" [Official Music Video]

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