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LA-Based Hip-Hop Artist KeeZY Releases 2 New Anticipated Visuals "Still Got It" & "I Miss You"

Los Angeles based hip Hop meets pop artist KeeZY, also known as “Black Bieber,” is known for his incredible versatility and non-traditional approach to music. Defined by years of fighting for his acceptance, the artist uses innovation and unpredictability to confidently showcase his talents. A natural at singing, rapping, and crafting hooks, KeeZY is very strategic when it comes to songwriting. There are many artists who have tried multiple styles of music to show their versatility, but KeeZY has made it a point to master and embody two completely different genres of music as KeeZY himself and his alter ego, “Black Bieber.”

In “I Miss You”, KeeZY crafts a romantic slow-burned pop meets alt R&B single. The track was “inspired by an overwhelming feeling of a long distance relationship” and thrills with relatability. Creatively shot with KeeZY playing a basketball star for the "Cleveland Potholes", the video drips with a kaleidoscope of intriguing sights and sounds. KeeZY describes it as, “The best way to get people to understand the situations someone gets caught in when in a long distance relationship.”

In “Still Got It”, the song features a raw, gritty and fierce flow complete with a catchy hook highlighting the silver lining that is prosperity. With deep electronic-drenched rousing beats and penetrating bass, “Still Got It” is a swagger-filled party anthem and the video shows the opulence of Atlanta inspired club life. KeeZY says on the video, “A very cinematic depiction of a militant musician lifestyle that quickly transitions into the dark side of the artist.”

"I Miss You"

"Still Got It"


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