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LAFAME Signs On To Marketing Deal With Skippa Da Flippa Label, "Havin' Entertainment Music Group"

Skippa Da Flippa is well off with his old label, Quality Control Music, and still, he is one of the most successful independent artists to ever come out of the QC camp. Skippa has taken his own route and started a new label, "Havin' Entertainment Music Group."

Skippa's new label is doing exceptionally well through the pandemic, and quarantine is not stopping his shine. He has recently signed one of the best marketers from the West Coast "LAFAME Da Marketing God" to help him expand his brand, label, and music to the four corners of the earth.

Just a month ago, LAFAME decided to reach out to Skippa to offer him his marketing expertise, and without a doubt, Skippa took on his offer. Straight into work mode, LAFAME started to do what he does best, making sure the artist receives the maximum exposure. After working with "Havin' Entertainment Music Group" for a month, Skippa decided to sign LAFAME to his label as a marketer.

LAFAME is well-known across Los Angeles, CA, as LastKingsFAME, where he worked closely with multi-platinum artist/rapper TYGA. LAFAME is geared-up to bring Skippa and his label some of the best digital marketing known to the industry. 

Stream The Exclusive Interview With LAFAME

LAFAME has worked with megastars from all over the country, such as Lil Reese, Ballout, Murdah Baby, & AGoff, to name a few. Currently, he is working with other big-names and upcoming artists to build his resume and legacy for himself and his family. If you are looking for real top-notch promotion and digital marketing, LAFAME is the promoter for you. 

LAFAME is an excellent add-on to Skippa's new label and will do more than an exceptional job. Stay locked in with Skippa Da Flippa and LAFAME on Instagram. 

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