Larry Brock Releases New EP "AnR Dreams" - #HHOE

Artist Larry Brock Builds Suspense For The Release Of EP ‘AnR Dreams’

York, Pennsylvania – Music, like the world, changes with the times. As the music industry grows and evolves, artists are finding it harder to box themselves into mainstream categories as per management’s wishes. Artists like Larry Brock prefer to be left uncategorized rather than be fitted into an arbitrary box. Larry Brock is very much a modern artist. While the world wants to classify him as a rapper or singer, Larry prefers to keep his label simple and open. It is the same with his music! The artist focuses on creating music for the people, regardless of genre and rules.

The artist’s creative and unique sound can be heard in his latest EP, ‘AnR Dreams,’ which stands for Artist notta Rapper. While the EP isn’t out yet, we have sneak peeks of the songs from the artist himself! Larry says he to