LorenzoTheGawd Latest Single "Bad News" Is One Of A Kind

When it comes to receiving bad news, no one campaigns for it. Well, except when the “Bad News” is coming from LorenzoTheGawd as the latest single from his 2020 release, ‘IDK (Drowning).’ Both the single and the album are available now on all major music and streaming platforms. 

“Bad News” closes out ‘IDK (Drowning)’ and acts as the anchor for the entire record. It keeps the album grounded in its wonderfully constructed foundation like no other as the New York City streets rise and shine throughout the track. With a lively yet chill demeanor, this is the only “Bad News” the world will want from this year. It’s the latest single from LorenzoTheGawd’s debut LP. He dropped a cascade of singles in 2019 including “Summer Time,” “Yuck,” and “Fat Lip.” Now he’s ready for the world to hear a huge dose of what he has to offer with ‘IDK (Drowning),’ and it’s dynamic “Bad News.”