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Louisiana's Up and Rising Artist Coe Gifts Fans with a New Visual: "Ain't Never"

The wait is over; Louisiana's best-kept secret, rising rapper Coe stuns fans with a new impactful visual titled "Ain't Never"

Rising Louisiana rap artist Coe released his most anticipated music video, "Ain't Never," featuring rapper Yung Martez. However, critics say this can be one of COE's best video drops in 2022, with a high chance the song might blow. Nevertheless, with hits and bangers in his catalog, "Ain't Never" stands out amongst them all, leaving fans and listeners speechless with bars like, "Catch me in my feelings - I might just have to let'em fly, aim it at yo head - leave you dead that's a homicide." Coe & Yung Martez have blessed the hip-hop world with a visual that will always be discussed and popular amongst the streets.

Coe hard work, consistency, and dedication to his craft are undeniably significant, and he is well on his way to becoming a future star in the music industry and the state of Louisiana. Make sure to check out the "Ain't Never" video now on Youtube.

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