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Rising Louisiana Rap Artist COE Reveals New Video Clip to Fans, “Ain’t Never”

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

With memorable hip-hop bars that connect with all listeners, COE is set to release one of his most anticipated singles and videos thus far

Rising and multitalented Louisiana rap artist COE is preparing to release a new visual, "Ain't Never," featuring famous rapper Yung Martez very soon. The artist is no stranger to the music industry as he continues to drop track after track and leaving his mark and brand through the state of Louisiana.

A week ago, COE dropped a snippet of "Ain't Never" on Instagram and immediately gained over 7.7k organic views, which put the fans and listeners over the edge while anticipating the release date. Teasing the fans isn't the first time COE has surprised us with good music and videos but "Ain't Never" hits different at any volume because it's something we all can relate to. Yung Martez takes on the hook, letting us know he "Ain't never ran from no n***a if they told you that they a f**kin' lie." Followed by COE's verse, "Catch me in my feelings - I might just have to let'em fly, aim it at yo head - leave you dead that's a homicide." By far, this is the best collab this year and has plenty of potential of blowing up.

The Louisiana future star is quite different than your usual rap artist. His smooth lyrical flows and melodic tunes are unforgettable, which he uses to connect with the listeners and fans worldwide. While he continues to build up his buzz in the southern region, COE has proven he is next to blow in the music industry. This talent we speak of is displayed in the upcoming video release "Ain't Never," where COE shows his versatility and melodic, lyrical style.

Check out the "Ain't Never" video snippet release here on HipHop Over Everything:

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Check out COE latest video "VIBES"

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