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Making New Waves In Hip-Hop: Rising ATL Artist Smokey Bear Releases New EP

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Growing with each album and single release, rising rap artist Smokey Bear is driving listeners towards his new EP, which places fans in a whole different musical dimension

Atlanta, GA Native Smokey Bear, is a hip-hop artist who has made a name for himself in the hip-hop industry with his unique and significant sound, which fans adore and embrace the most. His latest EP, "Hood Graduate EP," is not only a success but an introduction to the ATL rapper lifestyle. Smokey Bear raps from experience but keeps things authentic with his unbelievable lyrics, edgy vocals with a sound like no other rappers in the industry.

"Hood Graduate EP" is more than we expected, making it one of the best EP we have heard this year so far. The EP consists of 9 solid tracks that stand out from most music we hear daily. Smokey Bear hits every subject and makes sure he reaches all audiences with trap hits like "12 Times" and "Bussin." This mixtape showcases Smokey Bear's ambitious drive, which he utilizes to create such electrifying music and versatility.

Stream Smokey Bear's Latest EP Release Now, "Hood Graduate EP"

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Check out "Wise Guy" Official Music Video

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