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Making Outstanding Music and Partying Like It Is 99: Introducing to the World CutUP

With compelling compositions already available and many more in the works for future releases, up-and-coming artist CutUP is all set to make a name for herself

FAIRBANKS, ALASKA, UNITED STATES, January 11, 2022 - Emerging artist CutUP is emerging through the ranks swiftly, proving to be a true force to be reckoned in the world of music. With especial expertise in the genres of Hip Hop and Industrial music and quite a lot of artistic experience, CutUP is considered a highly capable and well-equipped artist who has it in her to come up with original tunes frequently. The artist has recently released a brand new single titled “Essentials Only”.

With the release of the song early on in the year 2021, the artist hoped for her music to get out there in the world and bring people towards her sound. She wants people belonging to all age groups and backgrounds to give a listen to her songs and seek help from them as she just wants to be there for her fans going through tough times in life. Incorporating uplifting messages in her songs along with filling them with melodious tunes, CutUP strives towards creating a positive and optimistic environment with her music. Being there for music enthusiasts, especially people who take an especial liking to Hip Hop and Industrial music, the dedicated artist is not only creating a strong impact but also proving herself to be one of the greatest Hip Hop artists of the time. While CutUP tends to keep her main focus on the genre of Hip Hop, she also keeps her mind open for new ideas and inspirations at all times. Identifying what new themes would go smoothly with her original style of music and incorporating them in her music creatively provided her with a unique approach to music and she managed to stand out amongst other similar acts.

Currently available on most major music streaming/downloading platforms around the world including Spotify, “Essentials Only” portrays the message of everyone being valued, loved, and essential. Apart from the digital version of the single, a music video for “Essentials Only” has also been released on YouTube. Uploaded to CutUP’s official YouTube channel on September 1st, 2021, the music video has managed to amass well above 11k views in less than 5 months. The digits speak for themselves and the dedicated artist can be seen making it big in the industry pretty soon. She wants to continue her musical journey, making music she is passionate about and expanding her creative horizons. She is looking forward to touring the world and meeting her fans, inspiring them along her journey to success.


CutUP is a prolific conscious rapper, out of Columbia SC. At 32 years of age and serving the United States Army of 15 years, Brenea Cutner AKA CutUP has decided to give the world ‘feel good’ music to uplift everything and everyone.

Most people love her music because it’s catchy and relevant to the times.


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