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Milyssa Rose Drops Her Epic Single & Video ‘Control’ Feat. C-WIZ Alongside a Brand New EP

Milyssa Rose has been dominant over the last year, and keep’s coming back with a multitude of styles, sounds, and genres.

Her voice echoes through the music, and is quite simply divine.

She returns once again with ‘Control’, featuring rapper and emcee C-WIZ.

The track courageously protrudes its own unique style, telling the story how much of a toll tumultuous relationships can take, and the mental effects in the aftermath.

With bold production from Luna Antonio (44 Cal Entertainment), it pairs seamlessly with the lyrics and skills of C-WIZ.

The other songs on the project were produced by Milyssa's late friend and engineer, D Cox, of Major Moves Recording Studios, except for "Storm Reimagined," which was

produced by Chethan Music. All the music was remixed and remastered by Keith Kosmopolis of Bank Hard Beats.

Track listing for Control:

1- Ecstasy

2- Storm Reimagined

3- Control (feat. C-WIZ)

4- Sick of you

About C-WIZ:

C-WIZ was born in a small town in Midwest Michigan before relocating to Atlanta. He has a unique hip-hop sound, blending rock/rap and alternative with a reality-type flow. He became the frontman of the alternative rock band SEV'N 9 and performed on numerous stages across the U.S. He has collaborated on singles with various artists, including Milyssa Rose. In 2021, he released his solo project titled "Infected Cure." Furthermore, C-WIZ's new band, One By Default, released their debut project titled "Breed" in 2022. The band's latest single, "Meant To Be," is currently streaming and gaining popularity.

About Milyssa Rose:

Milyssa Rose is a passionate and multi-talented artist, covering a variety of genres ranging from Pop and Rock, to Hiphop and Club Bangers. Her diversity and sense for musical freedom has always pushed her to move amidst many creative circles, whilst leaving her own unique mark set outside of the norm.

Milyssa has shared the stage with a plethora of artists including B5, Kilo Ali, Faith Evans, Mykko Montana, Donnell Jones, and the Rich Kidz.

Alongside this, Milyssa has won numerous awards including the A.U.M.A. Radio Best Female Vocalist (2015), Straight Ally 2014 for Meak Productions, Akademia Music Awards for Best Pop four times (2014/2016), Poze Records Best Music Video (April 2014), and Follow Because I am Hot (Hot Block Magazine, 2013).

Control is out now

More information on Milyssa Rose:


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