Music That Transcends All Categories: MoanDG Produces Singles That Tell Stories

MOUNT OLIVE, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, May 10, 2022 – is from a small town in North Carolina and has been entirely obsessed with music since a very young age. The eclectic artist deeply believes in the connecting nature of music and the use of art to relay a deeper sense of self. It is in pursuit of this that we see MoanDG produce exceptionally intimate music truly showing how there is strength in vulnerability.

The rising star says “When listening to my music I want listeners to “Feel My Pain,” my sorrow, my ups, my downs, my all. I want them to be able to hear their voice and feelings in my songs and let my music take them to where they feel they “Belong.” It is the acknowledgment of pain that then leads to the sense of community that MoanDG speaks of.

The rising star’s music is unique because it cannot be categorized into just one category and set aside. This music is not just Rap, Hip Hop, or R&B, but all of them all at once as well as none of them; it is simply music that tells stories through versatility. The musician wishes to create songs that everyone listens to and can relate to in a way in which the world comes together for consideration and love for the minutes that the songs are played.

MoanDG’s moti