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New Album From Hip Hop Artist Toku Iyay - #HHOE

Toku Iyay Releases New Album ‘Hip Hop’s Passive Aggressor’ With More Coming Soon!

Richmond, Virginia – Not many artists can boast a two-decade-long career. Even lesser can showoff their evolution and growth without seeming boastful. Toku Iyay has managed to achieve both.

The evolution of an artist is always magical to watch. With most artists, it takes a concentrated effort to truly understand the journey they have taken the listener along. Spanning years, the growth is slow, steady, and satisfying. Toku Iyay provides his fans an album to enjoy his growth as an artist.

Toku Iyay has been in the music industry for two decades now. Over the years, the artist has released some singularly brilliant tracks that have been written, produced, and recorded by him. Through his long career, Toku has refined his art to the point where a listener will not be able to deny the uniqueness of the sounds.

Apart from the uniquely crafted sounds, Toku Iyay also prides himself on his lyrics. His motivations being his children; the artist brings the listener in and makes them listen to his words. As a tribute to his children, he sweetly mentions that his latest album, ‘Hip Hop’s Passive Aggressor,’ has been a collaboration between him and his three kids.

The new album spans a decade of his love for music and his growth as an artist. As a listener goes through the songs, they will start to hear the love for music and the work that has been put into each track.

Toku Iyay released ‘Hip Hop’s Passive Aggressor’ in June of 2020. It is now available on major streaming platforms and the official website. For more about the artist, take a look at his Youtube channel and other social media.


Toku Iyay is a Rapper and DJ from Richmond, Virginia. The father to three has been creating music for two decades. Over his career, Toku Iyay has risen to become the best DJ in Richmond and has released multiple tracks. He is all set to release more starting the summer of 2021.

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