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New Energy with “LILROTTIE”

With his electric appeal and original musical compositions, Lil Rottie is enriching the musical fabric of Hip Hop

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, October 20, 2022 –- Inking his reality on the pages of fate, magnetizing singer-songwriter Lil Rottie is bringing an engaging and energetic new wave to the Hip Hop world. A fantastic recording artist, Lil Rottie’s music is a class apart, exuding unique energy and character which is absent in most up-and-coming stars of today.

The artist’s new single, “ROCK IN ME,” showcases his authenticity in creating rhythms and penning down lyrics. Coupled with a fitting music video highlighting the actor’s struggles in dealing with life’s countless trials and tribulations, “ROCK IN ME” is bound to put the dynamic writer and producer on the map.

With viscerally appealing and powerful visuals, the music video of “ROCK IN ME” features the artist sharing his life style, with the Rose Royce, then under a umbrellas as its raining dollars. symbolizes of how he rocks. The artist’s sits in his chair as he vibes out to “ROCK IN ME”- a powerful motif for everything Lil Rottie seeks on the road to success, and in his music.

Lil Rottie is no stranger to success, with his previous single “DESTINY” which released in 2021, garnering more than 101K streams in Russia, building a formidable overseas fan base for him. His other records, including “Matter Of Time” “Her Bag” “Flash Backs,” “By The River” “Broken Promises,” have all furnished his iconic musical brand.

Illuminating the value of chasing one’s dreams, Lil Rottie believes that if anyone has an idea, they should bring that vision to life. He earnestly looks forward to improving his music and becoming a major artist within the Hip Hop and R&B industry.

“I always felt music took me somewhere when I was little… from listening to Lil Wayne, Meek Mill, and other R&B singers, I felt I could touch others with my music. Also music is like therapy to me and my soul. I always wanted my family to have a better life so I took this route,” says Lil Rottie regarding his music.

Stream the artist’s beautiful and enigmatic new single and music video, “ROCK IN ME”! Follow the artist for news on upcoming music and reach out through email for interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations.


Lil Rottie is a seasoned Hip Hop and R&B artist who is based in Atlantic City in New Jersey. Currently residing on the west coast in Las Vegas, Nevada, the artist continues to write, produce and engineer his own music independently. He counts his mother amongst his strongest motivators- someone whom he saw work all her life to make sure he and his siblings never had to worry about anything.

Lil Rottie hopes to create music that people can resonate with, creating a reverberating cultural impact. He wants to impact the youth as well as his community members.

“I want to work with one of my favorite artist which is Meek Mill, make a hit diamond song, win a grammy and go global,” says Lil Rottie regarding his future plans.


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