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New Explosive Video "BWTG" by DJ Tray feat. Cappadonna, Sonny Seeza, and Flash

DJ Tray, the Swiss turntable wizard, is back in the game with an explosive Hip-Hop single and animated music video titled "Buildin' With The Godz". This fire collaboration features heavyweight artists Cappadonna from Wu-Tang Clan, Sonny Seeza from Onyx, and Flash from N.B.S., and will be released under the renowned Empire Music label.

"Buildin' With The Godz" breaks barriers, uniting all-star figures in the Hip-Hop universe. DJ Tray skillfully blends his trademark beat style with the flavorful rhymes of Cappadonna, Sonny Seeza and Flash. The result is a mind-blowing track that pays homage to the genre's roots while paving the way for its future.

The animated music video for "Buildin' With The Godz" is a visual spectacle, masterfully directed by Hausriot Studios (Best Hip Hop Video of 2022 Nominee) to complement the raw energy of the single. Get ready for a mind-blowing experience that keeps you hooked from start to finish.

DJ Tray continues to earn his stripes in the music industry. Collaborating with big names, he's become a force to be reckoned with on the turntables. Through "Buildin' With The Godz", DJ Tray solidifies his position as a visionary, pushing boundaries and bringing together the finest talent in Hip-Hop.

Cappadonna, a Wu-Tang Clan legend, needs no introduction. His flow and lyrical mastery have earned him a permanent spot among the genre's royalty. Sonny Seeza, a founding member of the iconic group Onyx, injects the track with raw intensity. Flash, holding it down for N.B.S., adds a unique flavor and perspective that enriches the collaboration.

"Buildin' With The Godz" will drop worldwide, leaving DJ Tray's fans and Hip-Hop aficionados on the edge of their seats. The talent, passion, and collaborative spirit showcased in this single and music video promise an unforgettable experience.

"BWTG" Animated Video on Youtube

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