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'New Levels New Devils': A Fiery Collaboration by Supa Kaliente and IM'PERETIV

Supa Kaliente and IM'PERETIV may be reaching "NEW LEVELS," but with each stride forward, they're confronting "NEW DEVILS," sonically detailed on their collaborative album, aptly titled "New Levels New Devils." This collaboration between Buffalo's street bard, Supa Kaliente, and the Canadian beat architect, IM'PERETIV, dives into the gritty reality of life. The album isn't just beats and rhymes; it's a raw portrayal of the struggle to rise while facing the darker sides of existence. "New Levels New Devils" isn't polished; it's real. Each track is a raw snapshot of experiences, featuring Asun Eastwood, JRoberts, L-Biz, and JMAG. Entirely produced by IM'PERETIV and mixed and mastered by CARVO, the album's production is as authentic as it comes. The album isn't about clichéd success stories; it's about survival, perseverance, and the grind. It's a testament to resilience and tells a story of the struggle to make it in a world where every step forward brings forth new challenges. "New Levels New Devils" is available on all major streaming platforms Friday, November 24, 2023 at 12:00am EST. Tap into the unfiltered world of street narratives and unapologetic beats that define a relentless pursuit of elevation.

Executive Produced By Supa Kaliente & IM'PERETIV All Tracks Produced By IM'PERETIV All Tracks Engineered / Mixed / Mastered By Carvo Art Direction By Nate Butcher Media & Supa Kaliente Graphic Design By Nate Butcher Media Listen / Stream / Download HERE:

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