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New Music: Kount Fif - "The Hashira" feat. Chino XL, Copywrite & DJ Hoppa

Warrior Poets once graced the pages of Irish, Greek and Japanese epics inspiring generals like Patton who line our history books. In the epic universe of Underground Hip Hop Chino XL and Copywrite so too carry this banner. 

Like the Samurai they both cleanly chop off the heads of lyrical opponents and contemporaries. Their katana blades soaked in punchlines of slain rivals, breaking necks easily with their rapid fire delivery. DJ Hoppa was enlisted to lay down cuts on the hook. Kount Fif would be the shogun producer to hire both Ronin on a quest to slay the demon they face in each other. 

"The Hashira" the first single off "Ascension", Kount Fif's new album on Man Bites Dog Records. Buckle up buttercup, it's gonna be a throat slitting good ride. 

"The Hashira" Visual

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