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New Single by Trini J - #HHOE

The Trinidad Musician Trini J Dropped the Motivating Single “All I Want”

In a world moving towards luxury and comfort, not everyone grows up with all the comforts in life. Some people struggle and hustle from the beginning only to come out as the diamond in the rough. One such person is Trini J.

Trini J was born in Trinidad, and his parents moved the New York, leaving him to grow up with his grandparents. While many kids his age stayed at home to avoid the difficulties of the street, he grew differently. He remained on the streets to avoid difficulties at home. He picked up several habits that led his mother to bring him to New York with her.

Even in New York, Trini J did not get the life he thought he would. The only thing that kept him going is his will to provide for his children and keep growing. Trini J has had several struggles in his life, and through a haze of being broke and depressed, he learned to channel his frustration through music. He grew up listening to JaRule, DMX, and 2Pac, and you can hear the influence of his music.

He wrote his single “All I want” himself with help from Qualaam Waters. He means to motivate people struggling in life to let them see that things get better. You can visit his website and listen to his struggles and get your daily dose of motivation. As long as you are willing to work on his schedule, you can reach out to Trini J on his email or social media to collaborate or interview him.


Trini J was born in Trinidad and lived his life on the streets as he didn’t want to be trouble to his grandparents. He lived life the hard way most days and hustled hard but got into trouble that led his mom to take him to New York.

Even in New York, he was forced to live on the streets and, through his hardships and depression, picked up writing. He has been writing music ever since in all his free time. He draws inspiration from his own life and aims to bring together everyone who is struggling in life.

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