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New Single From Rapper Sonny Daytons - #HHOE

Sonny Dayton Releases New Single “Stop Running Your Mouth” Available Now!

North Franklin, Connecticut – The music industry has been cited as one of the hardest industries to succeed in. It takes hard work, dedication, and the ability to stay strong in the face of rejection. Sonny Daytons is willing to do anything it takes to succeed in this unforgiving industry.

New York has come to be idolized by the world. Sonny Daytons wouldn’t agree. After growing up in the Bronx, Sonny Dayton decided that he had had enough and decided to make a move to Connecticut. Settling in Connecticut, Sonny now has his own studio where he writes, produces, and records his songs.

One of the latest songs to come out of the new studio is Sonny Daytons’ new single, “Stop Running Your Mouth.” The single is Sonny’s next step to making it big. As a father and husband, Sonny always has his children at the back of his mind pushing him to be the best.

His inspiration and motivation are his family. Moving out of New York allowed the artist to pursue his dream without panicking and any restrictions. Sonny believes that he has what it takes to do be the best, and he will go to any lengths in pursuit of his dream.

Sonny Daytons’ new single, “Stop Running Your Mouth,” is out now on all major streaming platforms. Visit the artist’s official website and Youtube channel to see more of Sonny Dayton. To follow the artist’s journey, follow him on all social media!


Sonny Daytons is a New York rapper, singer, a songwriter who is currently based in Connecticut. He was raised in the Bronx and has faced a number of obstacles to reach this point in his personal life and career. With a new studio, house, and his children as motivation, Sonny is all set to reach new heights with his career.

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