NickyP’s “Biologics” is a Fresh New R&B/Hip-Hop Musical Composition -#HHOE

With a memorable R&B and Hip-Hop vibe that rings, NickyP is all set to become the next best addition to the energetic and thriving genre with his far-reaching and striking vocal range and lyricism

Oxnard, CA – January 26th, 2021 – Up-and-coming artist and potential R&B and Hip-Hop fusion powerhouse, NickyP, is a remarkable new addition to this dynamic and entertaining musical genre. Always laid-back and smooth-sailing, NickyP would early on (before the days of gracing the microphone with his unique sound), engage as an active student of the craft during studio sessions, absorbing information, jotting mental notes, and fueling his own creativity. Now with years of internalizing and honing his creative spirit, the self-taught independent maestro is ready to inspire and astound with his distinct musical compositions. NickyP forged his fresh and stunning new album titled “Biologics” against the isolating backdrop of the pandemic lockdown. The 8-track, R&B & Hip-Hop infused album has already been met with widespread acclaim from listeners and fellow critics, and is reflective of NickyP’s strong vocal prowess and dynamic musical rhythms, while incorporating a thorough and clever artistic direction.