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Orlando Upcoming Artist Lil Razar Drops New Single “VLONE”

The Orlando rapper has taken the standard pop-rap scene to the next level with precarious new sound and pristine style. Filled with distrait concept bars and a favorable compact melody, the intangible coerced pop-rap artist makes the argument of a possible potential next up contender.

Rising star Lil Razar makes it clear intelligence is just as flashy as wearing designer or even having the baddest chicks. By authenticating self-confidence replicating as some control freak, the rapper implicates it makes no sense to have it all and know nothing. From the generations that came before, hip hop reformed to acknowledge the intricate intuitive side of rap. Raze along with producers may not be reinventing the genre, but evolving the game into a more sharp-witted one.

From having Prada to doing commas, Raze also takes shots at a previous relationship, implicating a girl who broke his heart only to experience a later sorrow and trauma caused by herself for thinking she was right. Raze expresses his limitless heartache seemingly asking to be left alone while complying with all the nonsense and extenuate baggage happening all around him. It’s a seamless blend of power and money that fuels the pop-rap artist to learn women are a huge distraction. Along with the pop-influenced rapping and tone-setting melodies is a mindful but heartless approach to a twenty-first-century lifestyle.

It’s the creative dissonance that somehow differentiates Raze from any other typical rapper. Eccentric flows and freakishly incentive beats suddenly edges in a new sound from the future. Putting awareness first and ticky-tack savage quotes second is what defines a peculiar mindset to influence the culture in a positive way while at the same time bringing about the laws of street and gangsterism. The best hip hop trends of which composed by reckless and dangerous behavior will unlikely change but it’s the right mentality that affixes the higher expectation.

Lil Razar warps into another dimension with a love-struck personality developing a new mythical aura type of sound that mixes both pop and rap into one. Attracted to luxury and a fortune that is left unknown, it’s not the car, money, or clothes but a girl along the way that leaves a feeling of heartbreak and with that, inspiration.

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