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Out To Make His Mark, Hip Hop Artist Releases Thundering and Authentic New Track: Realtalkcrazzy

Staying true to himself, and to others, Realtalkcrazzy’s new single is here to remind listeners to be organic in all the right ways

Chicago, IL — March 1st, 2022 – Rising singer-songwriter Realtalkcrazzy’s single “Eyes Off You” is a track that comes straight from the heart as he expresses himself to the fullest extent with his music. Conveying a need to be organic, “Eyes Off You” carries a vital message that stands not only to resonate with all of us, but also speaks to the wider industry at hand.

“Eyes Off You” is a narration that being authentic and organic matters above all else for everyone. A dynamic and stirring new single, “Eyes Off You” serves as inspiration for listeners of the stunning genre, empowering them to stay true to themselves.

The lyricism present in his music holds utmost importance for Realtalkcrazzy no matter what is produced by him. As he aims to bring to the industry a voice that is his own, one that can resonate with people, and one that gives to his listeners something that helps them, that can create change in the longer run. “Eyes Off You” is simply another step in that process- rooted within the artist’s driving mantra of dedication, motivation, and embracing individuality.

Stream Realtalkcrazzy’s music on the artist’s official music platform on YouTube, and follow the artist on social media for updates on new releases. For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations, reach out through email.


From an early age, Realtalkcrazzy’s love of music was known to everyone that knew him. Taking a liking to it immediately, it was no surprise that later in his career he would go to pursue it in a bigger and formal level. This is where he would seek to hone his skills and make his mark.

Throughout his career the dynamic artist has held to a certain number of principles that have allowed him to produce art at a higher level, as he has never mindlessly chased trends, and has made sure that the lyricism in his music is speaking to something. Realtalkcrazzy hopes for his dedication to the craft at the highest level will lead his way to recognition, as he continues to drop a number of enthralling singles for listeners of the genre.


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