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Philly Hip-Hop Artist 100proofmook Releases One of His Best Albums

Rapper 100proofmook has got fans excited with his latest record release. IMMORTAL is a mix of amazing sounds and magnificent punchlines that are required for every single playlist.

IMMORTAL has serious bass sounds surpasses that audience will feel inside their bones. Those melodies display the raw, cutting lyrics presented by 100proofmook. The album’s monitors carry nothing at all back and they are in your experience. The record was launched on September 20th. Rap fans can check it out on the internet and all music streaming platforms.

100proofmook is a talented musician that can give fans the landscapes from the trenches of Philly. His expertise also helps make club bangers and also other distinct vibes concurrently. The performer has become rapping off and on since 2012, but he just started using it seriously just last year around August, setting up a plunge into the industry.

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