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Quebec City Artists 28. & The.Blind.Monkey Releases A New Dynamic Single, “Say That You Love Me”

28. & The.Blind.Monkey are two young and creative Quebec City native artists. Meeting in high school, they discovered their common love for music and passion for the grind. The duo quickly realized their complementary fits and exposed themselves to a wide variety of ideas, styles and working techniques.

New single, “Say That You Love Me,” found its inspiration during a breakdown in 28. & The.Blind.Monkey’s relationship. The pair had to reboot their priorities to understand each other better in order to continue their pursuit both respectfully and truthfully. The track’s hook came in a blast of inspiration while Monkey was sitting alone in his basement, listening to the new beat Twenny had just cooked. Half hopeless, half creative, the song started to write itself in the midst of emotions, stuck between what was going to be and what had to be.

Click here to stream “Say That You Love Me”:

Stream “Say That You Love Me

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