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Raising The Bar in Hip Hop and R&B: Chicago’s New Hip Hop Queen J-Ma Drops New Single

Rising through ranks in the Hip Hop scene, talented artist J-Ma is driven to soothe and heal, with her beautiful new single, “RAIN DON’T FADE ME NONE”.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, December 28, 2021 - A dynamic rapper-songwriter from Chicago, J-Ma is set to become the authentic voice of people, while building her brand as the undisputed Hip Hop queen. Breaking into the scene with a new single, “RAIN DON’T FADE ME NONE”, the eclectic artist brings an evocative and sensory mix of rhythms and lyricism.

Having released on June 11th, 2021, penned down by J-Ma and produced by Acexlegends Beats, “RAIN DON’T FADE ME NONE” showcases the artist’s brilliance and uniqueness as a seasoned lyricist. Narrating pertinent and moving messages through her raw, emotive, and touching compositions, J-Ma embraces music as a form of freedom and medicine for the soul.

My music is unique because I am a versatile songwriter and an emcee. I write from my heart and my pain. Hoping that her newest release pierces through the hearts and minds of listeners, J-Ma remains motivated by the rhythm of the music, her family’s support, and by the many people around the world, who remain connected by similar experiences.

A relatable and enriching composition, “RAIN DON’T FADE ME NONE” is set to heal listeners, showcasing J-Ma’s critical message that you can always rise beyond the pain, fighting through all odds.

Rapping in a men-only zone in underground hip-hop cyphers in Chicago where she earned the name 16 bar queen, J-Ma has been opening act in several local hip-hop shows and headlined music performing events. Inspired by her father Lee Shields (r.i.p), the artist remains focused in her plan to keep making good music and reach the top of the charts.

Visit J-Ma’s website to check out/download/buy her music and tune in to her podcast (www.Thagoleaguepodcast), to stay up to date on the latest happenings regarding J-Ma and her music. For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations, feel free to reach out through email.

Support the rising artist’s venture, Thago League for gear, music and accessories from (, and follow the artist on her official social media platforms.


A talented Hip-Hop artist, songwriter, emcee, producer and podcaster, J-Ma has been a part of the rap game for 20+ years. A rising name in the underground Chicago hip-hop scene, J-Ma was part of one of the most recognized clique in Chicago from 15 to 18 years of age, before breaking up due to creative differences. The dynamic artist is now ready to stun listeners with her unique musical prowess, as she unveils her newest release, “RAIN DON’T FADE ME NONE”.

Bound to break into the music industry with her new track, J-Ma is crafting her own lane as an independent artist and entrepreneur. She also remains engrossed in her role as founder of Thago League Entertainment/ Thago League Podcast and Thago League Gear, making noise in the music industry with her ‘Thago League Movement’, involving music publishing, production, podcast, and gear.


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