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Rap with an Empowering Soul and Purpose: Underground Hip-Hop Visionary INF BLACK Unveils New Album

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Led by a meaningful vision, INF BLACK presents enriching and witty flow delivered seamlessly through new album- “Systemic Society”

STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, April 5, 2022 - An underground Hip Hop artist, INF BLACK showcases a stunning musical prowess, rooted within authentic portrayals and narratives. With the release of his lead single, “American Dream”, INF BLACK laid the foundation of his dynamic album ‘Systemic Society’, which consists of other singles, such as “Jump Off” “Hood Bible” and “J.F.K.”- all of which embody unique substance and content.

Bringing back meaning to the beloved genre of Hip Hop, INF BLACK is more than just a rapper. The talented powerhouse aims to create art that aligns with current events, exploring the socio-political dynamics that underpin society.

“Systemic Society” is a raw and soulful representation of the streets and was unveiled for listeners on January 21st, 2022. The new album features contemporary Rap artists, such as LeathaFase, King Just, Fes TayLor, DezEagLe, Foreign House, MotherLanD OK, Sombra and stunning R&B and Soul artist-Leanora.

Laden with several inspirational messages throughout the catalogue, “Systemic Society” represents INF BLACK’s fervent passion. The talented artist has many experiences to speak about, ranging from both the dark pits of struggle and setbacks to differential circumstances that bear triumph.

Focused on the principle of values and the cruciality of having a loving, strong family system, the artist’s compositions such as “Indoctrinated” and “American Dream” highlight a meaningful sense and world view. INF states his biggest motivations are the people around him who rely on his guidance and leadership.

Set to capture the industry with his third project in 2 years, INF aims to make an impact with his independent label-Scrambler Music Entertainment. The artist hopes to captivate listeners with an exceptional flow, witty lyricism, and smooth melodic compositions.

Emulating several different genres, INF BLACK’s strength and ingenuity lies within his effortless style of storytelling, which is rooted within real life concepts, delivered in a way that is feel good but rooted.

“My goal is to incorporate my vivid recordings into short scripts….possibly even film. Also being able to create songs for a motion picture is my ultimate artistic goal in music. Creating a Lasting Legacy…through great songs of communication,” says INF BLACK regarding his music motivation.

Stream INF BLACK’s newest release on the artist’s official music platforms and follow INF BLACK on his official social media. Contact through email for interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations.


INF BLACK (Inner Fire Born to Live and Create Kings) is a formidable and rising force in the world of Hip Hop. Born Adam Carnell Norman in Newark, New Jersey, the artist later moved to Flatbush in Brooklyn and later to Staten Island, where he currently resides.

Growing up under a single mother, INF BLACK faced several life challenges and made a lot of mistakes, shaping for himself a unique trajectory in life. Facing a diverse set of obstructions in his pursuit of success, the artist was inspired through his hardships, channeling them into strength. With a driving ambition to overcome, the artist chose to lead people out of the many troubles that plague their lives. INF remains motivated to achieve his goals of getting his music heard around the world, giving someone hope and a lifeline through the power of rhythms and lyricism.


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