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Rising Alabama Rapper TDK Returns With A New Visual: "Papers"

After releasing his hit single 'What You Mad At?' last year in November 2021, TDK is back with a hardcore street banger hip-hop track titled 'Papers.' Told through his mind and world, 'Papers' is about life after being off the judicial system paperwork and probation. The Alabama rapper touches on different subjects, such as being able to smoke again and not attending mandatory classes and meetings after finally being released.

Critics say, 'TDK is one of the most slept on upcoming rappers from the state of Alabama. However, he has shown us numerous times he has the potential to become one of the next biggest artists in his region. His latest single reflects career growth and progression in many ways, from the lyrics to the format of the song.' After experiencing the ultimate production of 'Papers,' TDK intended to place the listeners and fans in his world and share his life experience by painting a musical masterpiece created into a stellar visual.

The latest cinematic release of 'Papers' is a story within itself as TDK hits his audience with some of his best bars while creating vibrant waves with his authentic style. The visual is symbolic and introduces another side of TDK as he delivers his message about his future after papers.

Representing Alabama to the fullest, the rising rap artist is gaining exposure and gaining much respect in hip hop for his musical catalog. Stream the music now and stay connected with TDK as he continues to rise to the top of the rap list of an up-and-coming artist.




TDK - TriizzyDaKidd


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