Rising Hip Hop Superstar LilTonyRose Makes a Definitive Statement With New Album

LilTonyRose aspires to find true love using his craft with his greatest work yet- new album titled “The Rap Therapist”

San Marcos, Texas – The world of pop, hip hop, and songwriting in general is one that is already super saturated – and it is getting more crowded every year by the emergence of rising stars hoping to make it big. Amidst such talented company, it truly is the mark of an up-and-coming singer’s caliber if they are able to make a brand of themselves by making something about their craft their most characteristic feature. LilTonyRose has done precisely this and has become the unofficial face of ‘relatable hip hop’ and is causing waves on social media because of his songs.

One of the most dedicated and creative artists on the scene, LilTonyRose is a man who is very deeply connected to his family, friends and other close relationships. He translates the meaningful bonds he has with them and composes vibey, wavy and emotional music pieces with them. His trademark song characteristic, however, is for him to write utterly heartbreaking and melancholy tales about actual women in his life that have broken his heart or hurt his feelings. This is what makes his music truly stand out from other aspiring artists on the scene and this is ultimately what makes LilTonyRose so relatable.