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Rising Movie Director & Actress Jessica Banks Returns to the Big Screen in the Upcoming Sequel

Well-known in the movie world as a director, actress, screenwriter, and LGBTQ activist, Jessica Banks is making headlines for her upcoming movie release, "When the Tables Turn: Reservation for 2."

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, FEBRUARY 1, 2023 – With much success from the first movie, "When The Tables Turn," fans are determined and excited for the new sequel broadcasting in the winter of 2023 on Amazon Prime. The anticipation has been overwhelming; as we all know, Banks brings realistic relatable topics to black entertainment TV. Jessica Banks's film director work and acting are beyond amazing and place the viewers in the shoes of the cast and storyline while gaining an emotional connection. But, as the sequel returns, we all wonder, "Who Shot Banks?"

Inspired by a true story of love, hate, and betrayal, "When the Tables Turn: Reservation for 2" gives us an insight into a portion of life in an urban community. Loaded with a combination of action, drama, suspense, and thriller, the upcoming sequel will be more than explosive but notable amongst other Amazon Prime films. Jessica Banks delivers on every movie release with no cosign but only with her brilliant and creative screenwriting and directing skills.

This movie will be everything the people have wanted in a whirlwind film that sheds light on society as it is today. As we all wait patiently for the return of one of the best movies to hit Amazon Prime, fans are constantly posting about the movie trailer. However, some fans are on edge for more as Banks gives us a glimpse into the dramatic lives of Jordan, Natalia, Shanice, Raven, Mel, and Kamden.

Follow Jessica Banks's journey and tune in this winter for one of the most anticipated films of 2023 on Amazon Prime.

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"When the Tables Turn: Reservation for 2" Summary:

Once again, in "The Tables Have Turned" in this sequel, the million-dollar question is who shot Banks? And what does the future have in store for Jordan, Natalia, Shanice, Raven, Mel, and Kamden with new pieces added to the puzzle.' Streaming on Amazon Prime Winter 2023

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