Rising Rap Artists TDK & NHTORO Drops A New Visual: 'What You Mad At?'

Updated: Jul 23

Alabama natives TDK & NHTORO Newest Single Brings a Whole New Sound to the Hip Hop Scene

Atlanta, Georgia, November 23, 2021 – TDK & NHTORO has progressed as musicians ever since they stepped on the scene as rappers. The duo has a unique way of connecting with the fans and listeners through powerful music and lyrics, something we all can appreciate in a world of trending music. With the new viral music video, 'What You Mad At?', TDK & NHTORO proves why they are next up from the southern region of the United States.

The latest single and video, 'What You Mad At?', magnifies the authentic talent and flow, a style that is unique in many ways that draw in new fans from everywhere. The fans are saying the video has to be one of the best songs and visuals this year for an indie rap artist. Making them two of Alabama's top up and coming artists.