Rising Rap Icon Sir Frost Unveils New EP

Eclectic Hip Hop artist Sir Frost is defying all odds and stunning the masses with the release of his new EP, ‘New Season’.

MANCHESTER, MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM, December 9, 2021 - A fantastic new addition to the world of Rap and Hip Hop, singer-songwriter Sir Frost’s newest album takes listeners on a unique musical journey. Fitting for the season, the artist’s upcoming EP consists of 6 dynamic tracks which he recently teased through his YouTube channel. The new EP will help fortify the artist’s unique musical imprint on the canvas of Rap

Following his 2020 release, the 8-track EP ‘Season of Frost’, the artist’s upcoming EP has been mixed and mastered by Sir Frost, and presents a mélange of sensory and rhythmic lyrics and song writing, bound to take listeners by surprise. ‘New Season’has been slated for release on December 25th, 2021, and has a distinct new outlook on life- expressed in a personal yet relatable way.

Sponsored by the reputable clothing brand, ‘Feel That Vibe’, the magnetic EP showcases Sir Frost’s sheer excellence in curating lyricism which is meaningful, and seamlessly pairing it with immersive rhythms. Sir Frost’s genius is complemented by the production prowess of Buddha Vybez and TheGod, under the purview of Mando Records, whose elevation instrumentals take one to a different musical dimension.