Ryanito Releases New Album B.L.I.N.D. Blending Hip-Hop, Electronic & Classical Music

Sarasota, FL – November 2nd, 2020 – Ryanito announces the release of his new album, produced by Classically trained European production duo Tough Sale. Bringing a fusion of sound through the influences of Hip-Hop, Electronic & Classical music.

B.L.I.N.D. (Before Light Intercepts Next Dimension) is the forthcoming new album by Ryanito that released on November 2nd, 2020.

Ryanito met the production duo Tough Sale in Sarasota, FL on a chance meeting at a local radio station through his music manager. The first track they created together was titled “Jurassic”. This initial collaborative song would become the B.L.I.N.D. album which was a two year recording process that began in May 2018. The bulk of t