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ScanTheGoddess Releases New Visual for Her New Single "Can't Get Away"

"Can't Get Away" is the first single off the ScanTheGoddess “AfghaniScan Love Peace War” album, setting the tone for this unique, dope, and refreshing project.

Standing on an island all by herself spitting lyrics like gunfire. Her intensity and wordplay leaves you jumping out your seat. From start to finish "AfghaniScan Love Peace War" will have your neck sore and your face stuck to the gritty realism from this lyricist. All I can say is get up out your seat! Turn the volume way up! And prepare yourself as your journey through Love, Peace, and War, ScanTheGoddess Style! You won’t be disappointed!

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Article Credit: Andreas (Goon Promotion)

Insta: @aprock_bloglove


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