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Seclorum Music Represents His Movement

Everyone has a way to escape their reality. Either through Art, video games, or isolation. But some don’t have someone or something they can relate to, but ‘Seclorum’ is the voice of those who are misunderstood. His music is like a drug that places the listener in a void away from the pain of the world. It allows anyone to reflect back at themselves so they can heal their body, mind, and soul.

To begin with, Seclorum’s music is a huge spectrum that varies itself in its genres, so its not music for a certain type of person. It is music for the world to enjoy. His message resonates with those who feel trapped on a daily basis and feel like their purpose is outside of their nine to five jobs. There’s a lot of negativity that roams the world and most people are tired of having to deal with it. Seclorum’s music can be reached through any digital platform like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Tidal, or iHeartRadio.

“You are a 1/1 artist”, one of his fans commented on his music. He likes to interact with his fans when he has the chance to. He doesn’t make anyone lesser than him regardless of what he does.

Seclorum’s image represents someone who is very detached from the city, someone who likes to be distant. It brings peace once you sit down and you really listen to what he is saying.

Given that, feeling voiceless could be stressful at times and it could cause some kind of trauma. Most of the time, people are afraid of standing up because they don’t understand what they are facing. But ‘Seclorum’ is bringing a new world to them that will let the listeners be themselves.

Come join the family and listen to his recent album “The Other Side”.

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