State Representative Erica Thomas Releases Non-Partisan Voting Anthem Betta Vote ft. Scotty ATL

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, November 1, 2022 – Erica Thomas, a State Representative from Georgia has released the official video & audio for new her song 'Betta Vote' featuring Scotty ATL. The hip-hop tempoed sing-along anthem is intended to encourage people to get out to the polls on election day. Representative Thomas's goal is to get all people, from both sides of the aisle to cast their ballots.

"I created this song as a fun way to get people to participate in this election no matter what party they are voting for. Change doesn't come from sitting on your couch, it comes from being proactive!" states Representative Thomas.

She partnered with local organization Rep GA to create 'Betta Vote.' Rep GA is on a mission to train, build, and serve a civic empowerment community that amplifies diverse representation. The organization believes the inclusion of culture like art, music, food, and even fashion deepens its goal of empowering citizens to act.

Executive Director of Rep GA Kimberlyn Carter states, "Community and Culture Leaders like State Representative Erica Thomas, Scotty ATL, and hitmaker BlacElvis produced more than a song and video; they produced an agent of change, an agent of action with this civic engage