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Status The Marlboro Man Drops New Single "Black Phone"

BLACK PHONE, written and produced by Status the Marlboro Man is an instant underground banger from Denver Emcee/producer Status. The track is remeniscent of simpler times when MPC produced beats ruled the radio and rappers had substance. Status writes about the changes in the world and his neighborhood stemming from gentrification and growing up. The title is borrowed from the North Denver set horror movie of the same name starring Ethan Hawke. Remember when you had to actually remember a phone number before cell phones and social media? Black Phone will remind you.

It's rare to find a hip-hop track that blurs the line between old school golden era and hardcore HipHop; but Black Phone accomplishes this task with grace and authenticity. The uplifting beat and heartfelt rhymes deserve to be placed in any true HipHop scholars playlist.

Status has been writing and producing real HipHop for over 20 years. His catalog speaks for itself. Underground fans already know the impact Status has had in Colorado and abroad. Do yourself a favor and add Black Phone to your latest HipHop mix and look out for the new EP by Status titled 'Heavy As as Sin' coming soon. Available on all platforms.

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Article Credit: Andreas (Goon Musick PR)


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