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Status The Marlboro Man, Hooks & Sadat X Drop New Hip Hop Single "Val Kilmer"

Drifters, Saloon Drinkers and 2-bit Card Hustlers watch out! Here comes 'VAL KILMER' - The most rootiness/tootiness Hip-Hop track to be released in 2023. As the name suggests, 'Val Kilmer' features three straight shooting Emcees in a western style posse cut over a dusty trail - I mean beat. 'VAL KILMER' (produced by Status The Marlboro Man) hails from the minds' of Denver Hardcore duo Hooks andStatus with the help of HipHop Legend and Brand Nubian member SADAT X. Revisit a simpler time when Wild Cowboys ruled the Hip-Hop plains. The new single is available across the wild west and abroad on all your favorite streaming services. Add this boom bap classic to your favorite underground playlist. Dust off your spurs and grab your whiskey - Val Kilmer is here to play shoot-em-up with all you huckleberries.

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@stat_young_cavaleri @krookidhooks @sadat_dotty

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